Hundreds of years ago when the great Tanglewood Forest spread across the land, and humans could walk freely between this world and that of the fairies, there lived a mischievous little faun and two kind hearted pixies…

Let Faustus the faun and his two sidekicks tell you the story of Butterball and the Troll, Anansi, The Swamp Prince, and many more.

This delightful theatre show brings to life lesser known folk tales from around the world by combining storytelling, dance and puppetry.

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Roll up and gather 'round! Professor Octavia's Magical Menagerie is about to begin! She has seen the sunsets of the Serengeti, traversed the trails of the tropics, and been awed by the Aurora Borealis; and now it is your turn to experience the magic for yourself.

Let us introduce to you new and exciting animals from around the world. Audiences will have the chance to interact with some unusual creatures, including the naughty little jackalope and a woman made entirely of ice.  After the show, children are invited to meet the animals in a petting zoo style experience.

Combining live actors and puppetry, this unique and interactive show is suitable for families.

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With so many boxes and suitcases to sort through, how on Earth will Tee and Gee ever find missing suitcase number 000001? Maybe you can help them!

Hundreds of forgotten suitcases pass through the Sprinkle Dinkle International Airport each day, and it's Tee and Gee's job to sort them. Each suitcase has a story to tell, so pick one and discover a magical world hidden within.

This children's theatre show with enchanting puppetry and scenery popping out of every box will delight audiences.

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Gerda and Kai are best friends, as close as brother and sister. The day that Kai goes missing is the day Gerda’s world is turned upside down.

She must leave her small town and embark on a dangerous journey across the country to find her best friend. On her way she meets a jumble of enchanting characters, including; a wicked witch, talking crows, and a very royal couple. Can they help Gerda break The Snow Queen’s curse, or is Kai gone forever? 

Combining live actors and puppetry, this exhilarating tale of friendship is suitable for families with children between ages 5 and 11. 

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Immersive theatre exploring the life  and work of Gretel Sauerbrot:  a once famous artist  admitted to the Raventhorne Instituation and never heard from again. 

You are invited to the Royal Museum of Contemporary Art, and through a series of audio guides you explore and uncover clues to Gretel’s past. This unique theatre show is a blend of immersive theatre, auditory storytelling, and art installation; resulting in a rich and sensory experience that won’t be easily forgotten. 

Our ethos when making immersive theatre is that it should be accessible to people across the UK, not just in the capital; so we make immersive worlds that can be easily packed into a van and transported to different and unusual venues. We have performed shows in pop up shops, crypts, churches, old police stations and converted factories.

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Legend has it that a long time ago, this land and that of the fairies were much closer. They say that the magical creatures of the other world could walk between this one  and theirs. If YOU believe in fairies, be sure to keep your eyes open!

Our life sized puppets, each with their own personality and fairy tale look will  explore your event; singing, dancing and interacting with guests.

Our puppets  can hired as their own act/entertainment,  or you can add them to a larger parade. 

We have between one and ten puppets available, many of which glow in the dark!

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